How Big is Your God?

Show me your goals and I’ll show you how big your God is.

Why do we run from risk? Why do we consider things risks rather than opportunities? Reflecting on personal experience, I think it’s because we’re afraid. In the times that I have labeled risks and sought to avoid them, it has been because I was afraid of failure, afraid of the unknown, and afraid of what others might think of me. I will honestly admit that I have avoided conversations, confrontations, and setting “too big” of goals in the past, because I was afraid of the risks. Yet as I think about those moments, I am stunned to find how these towering walls of risk that I fearfully avoided were actually built out of weak toothpicks. I created a façade of risk in my own mind that I imagined would have been destructive had I attempted them. But they weren’t the detrimental risks I made them out to be, they were opportunities. More than that, each instance reflected how big I believed God was.

If I have a small God and believe that His reach is only as far as my own, then my goals and risks will reflect that. I will only venture out as far as my comfort zone and only support “safe” goals. If I have a big God, then nothing is outside of His reach. The impossible becomes possible and I begin to believe that impacting the world with the Gospel is obtainable. My view of failure begins to change as well. A small God view only sees failure as a set back and as a sign never to try it again. A big God view sees failure as a lesson to learn from. We can adjust with discernment and strive forward.

I absolutely believe that there is a need for considering risk and that sometimes the answer in pursuing certain ideas will be ‘No’. Jesus even talked about considering the cost for discipleship in Luke 14 because considering the cost is a crucial step before diving into any endeavor. But considering the cost and discerning the risks should not be crippling. If we run away every time risk appears or goals seem “too big”, then we will never know the life that God meant us to live. We will pass by opportunities to experience love and share love. We will miss out on writing some of the greatest and most exciting chapters of our life because we avoided risk. Why do we love good books and movies? Its because they involve some element of risk. There’s a problem that needs a solution and the main character is going to be the hero that will storm in to save the day. Without that element of risk, we become bored. As I’ve said before, when I stand before God someday I want to be able to hand Him the book of my life that He can be excited to read. I don’t want it to be full of missed and avoided opportunities. I want to put God at the edge of His seat.

When He reads my story I also want Him to see that I believed in Him. I want Him to read about how I truly believe that He is who He says He is. That He really is a big God. If I’m going to quote Philippians 4:13, then I’m going to live Philippians 4:13. If God can part waters, move mountains, and save us from the destruction of our own sin, then why would I act as though He can only bless my dinner. He wants to do so much more for us and through us. I need my faith to be stretched at times so that I learn to trust in a big God. Sometimes the goals and opportunities that are outside my comfort zone are the ones that I need to jump on. And when failure comes, I won’t run and I won’t blame. I will learn and push forward. I believe in a big God and so I want my life to reflect that. What do your goals and risks look like? How big is your God?


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